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Travelling for business within the Schengen area

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What do employers need to consider when their employees need to travel for business within the Schengen area, besides their travel arrangements? Sophie Maes from ius laboris firm Claeys & Engels takes a look in this short video, setting out what the Schengen area covers and the features of Schengen visas. Despite the move to travel less, some travel is always going to be necessary.


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Immigration and Global Mobility Update / February 2023

See below our Immigration and Global Mobility Update, which shows the changes in global mobility and immigration from around the world over the past two months. We hope you find this information useful and we aim to continue to update you regularly. Immigration & Global Mobility Update Every 2 months, our experts from around the world put together an Update on the law on immigration…
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President Trump suspends entry to US for certain foreign workers until end of 2020

President Trump has extended the entry ban for individuals applying for green cards until 31 December 2020 and introduced a ban on foreign nationals seeking to enter the US on certain categories of work visa.  This updates our alert of 22 April 2020, which discussed President Trump’s 60-day suspension on the entry of individuals applying for immigrant visas (‘green cards’) outside of the United States….
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Business trip to Germany: Visa required?

With international business on the rise, business trips of employees from non-EU countries to Germany are becoming more and more relevant. When planning such a business trip, a number of questions arise: Does the employee need a visa? If so, which kind – and how does she obtain it? No visa required for “privileged” citizens on a business trip When planning the business trip of…
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