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Luxembourg: Draft Grand-Ducal regulations on staff delegation

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On 8 March 2017, the Council of Government (hereinafter “the Council”) agreed with three draft Grand-Ducal regulations on the appointment and functioning of the staff delegation.

The first draft of the grand-ducal regulation endorsed by the Council aims at modernising electoral operations for the appointment of staff delegates. In particular, it provides for the possibility of using an electronic voting system for this election.
The Council also agreed with the draft Grand-Ducal regulation implementing Article L.416-1 (1) of the Labour Code on the constituent meeting of the staff delegation convened within one month following elections. This draft regulation determines the mandatory items on the agenda of the constituent meeting, in the order in which they are to be dealt with.
Finally, the Council endorsed the draft Grand-Ducal regulation implementing Article L.412-2 (3) of the Labour Code on the appointment of an expert within the framework of the powers of staff delegates and on coverage of related costs by the employer. This draft sets the amount of expert expenses covered by the employer at 0.10% of the annual payroll, with a lower threshold of €2,000 and a maximum ceiling of €20,000.ésumé des travaux du 8 mars 2017

First published by our Ius Laboris partner firm Castegnaro in Luxembourg.

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